Let’s Get Closer to Korean Actress Park Joo-mi

Park Joo-mi is a South Korean actress who made her debut in the entertainment industry as a mã sản phẩm for Asiana Airlines. A few years later, in 1991, Park Joo-mi started lớn pursue her dream of being a professional actress, eventually starring for some television dramas, such as Beautiful Seoul in 1999 and Feels Good in 2000In the same year, after being a cast thành viên in Ladies of the Palace, Park Joo-mi married a businessman & took a hiatus from the entertainment industry to lớn focus on taking care of her family. Park Joo-mi became the mother of two boys, born in 2002 and 2007.

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After her marriage, Park Joo-mi took a break from filming dramas, khổng lồ become a co-host in a variety show, Yeo Yoo Man Man with Lee Hong-ryeol and Park Joo-mi,from 2003 to lớn 2005. In 2010, Park Joo-mi returned lớn acting, filming a thriller titled Man of Vendetta, after a 9-year absence from the entertainment industry, and starring in a family drama a year later, titled Believe in Love.

The actress admitted lớn having ‘special treatment’ with her appearance after the filming was done. In 2012, Park Joo-mi continued acting, as well as taking care of her family, and she was offered a starring role in a drama based off a South Korean historical story, Queen Seondeok. The same year, during the filming of her upcoming drama The King’s Dream for episode 18, Park Joo-mi was involved in a car accident, which made her drop out of the drama series lớn receive medical treatment, after examination showed that she had received internal injuries during the accident and needed time to recover.

Park Joo-mi returned lớn acting after a few weeks of recovery in 2014, to film the drama The Story of Kang-gu, and now the actress is currently has a supporting role in the recent drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty, which is a very popular and highly rated show, starring ASTRO’s Cha Eun-wooand Im Soo-hyang as the lead characters.

Check out Park Joo-mi’s profile below, if you want lớn get to lớn know more about her!

Queen Seondeok Actress Park Joo-mi’s Profile


Real Name : Park Joo-mi (박주미)

Profession : Actress

Birth : Seoul, South Korea, October 5th, 1972

Zodiac : Libra

Height : 163 cm

Weight : 42 kg

Blood Type : A

Spouse : Lee Jang-won

Children : 2 Sons (Lee Tae-seung and Lee Hyun-seung)

Education : Seoul Institute of the Arts – Broadcasting and Entertainment

Sungkyunkwan University – Film, TV & Multimedia

Talent Agency : C-Jes Entertainment

Official Sites :



Television Dramas

2018 – My ID is Gangnam Beauty (as Na Hye-sung/aired on JTBC), Come & Hug Me (as Ji Hye-won/aired on MBC)2016 – The Flower in Prison (as thông thường Nanjung/aired on MBC)2015 – Blood (as Han Sun-young/aired on KBS2)2014 – The Story of Kang-gu (as Yang Moon-sook/aired on SBS)2012 – A Gentleman’s Dignity (as Kim Eun-hee/aired on SBS), The King’s Dream (as Princess Deokman or Queen Seondeok (ep. 1-18)/aired on KBS1)2011 – Believe in Love (as Seo Hye-jin/aired on KBS2)2001 – Ladies of the Palace (as Gisaeng Ok Mae-hyang/aired on SBS)2000 – Feels Good (as Eun-young/aired on MBC), School 3 (as Kim Jung-in/aired on KBS1), Ahjumma (as Jang Ah-young/aired on MBC)1999 – School 2 (as Kim Jung-in/aired on KBS2), Hur Jun (as Lady Kim, Gong-bin/aired on MBC), Beautiful Seoul (as Yoo Hye-won/aired on MBC)1997 – The Angel Within (aired on KBS2), One Thousand & One Nights (aired on SBS), Woman Eating Bap Alone (as Daughter/aired on SBS)1996 – Jo Gwang-jo (as Queen Janggyeong/aired on KBS2), Dad Is The Boss (aired on SBS)1994 – Kkachi (as Baek So-ra/aired on SBS), Three Families Under One Roof (as Im Ji-ae/aired on MBC), Kareisky (aired on MBC)1993 – Walking All The Way lớn Heaven (as Gu Yeon-soo’s Younger Sister/aired on MBC), Mountain Wind (aired on MBC)1991 – Eyes of Dawn (aired on MBC), Our Paradise (aired on MBC)


2016 – The Last Princess (as Yang Gwi-in)2010 – Man of Vendetta (as Park Min-kyung)

Variety Shows

2014 – A Half-Moon Gift (as Host/aired on KBS1)2003-2005 – Yeo Yoo Man with Lee Hong-ryeol & Park Joo-mi (as Host/aired on KBS2)1996 – Scoop Entertainment City (as Host/aired on MBC)1995 – Today Is A Good Day (as Host/aired on MBC)1994 – Between Night & Music (as Host/aired on KBS2)

Park Joo-mi’s 2018 Drama Spoilers

My ID is Gangnam Beauty


Park Joo-mi appears as part of the cast on JTBC’s drama, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, along with another celebrities, such as Im Soo-hyangand ASTRO’s phụ vương Eun-wooas the lead role. She plays the character of na Hye-sung, mother to vì Kyung-suk (played by ASTRO’s cha Eun-woo), & appeared in episode 4, in a scene where mày Rae (played by Im Soo-hyang), Do Kyung-suk (played by ASTRO’s phụ vương Eun-woo), and Na Hye-sung (played by Park Joo-mi) unexpectedly meet in a pub.

During the previous episode, a classmate of Kyung-suk & Mi Rae’s has found out that the two have been classmates since they were in middle school, và connected to lớn another thing in the next episode, that they finally met mãng cầu Hye-sung for the first time.


Based on the story line, Kyung-suk is the son of na Hye-sung, and they were separated for a long time, only meeting again in episode 4. In the previous episode, Kyung-suk had been asked whether he’s curious about what his mother’s lượt thích now, but he only reacted as if his mother were already dead. In another scene, na Hye-sung contacted Kyungsuk’s father, bởi Sang-won (played by Park Sung-geun) và said that she would meet her children soon, as she was returning home, but her husband shouted back at her and rejected her existence. There must be something serious with this family’s story, và Na Hye-sung, judging from Kyung-suk’s attitude and his father’s as well.


In another story line, mãng cầu Hye-sung & Mi Rae seem lớn have a good relationship with each other, since ngươi Rae is interested in perfume, & she has a dream to lớn go into the perfume business along with na Hye-sung, who is the CEO of a famous perfume company, Kelun. There was a spoiler that na Hye-sung will help mi Rae achieve her dream khổng lồ be a perfumer, since the girl has reminded her of her past, & they will have a special connection with each other, as well as a hidden family story between Kyung-suk và Na Hye-sung.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty is a drama based on a popular webtoon series that tells the story of a young woman named ngươi Rae (played by Im Soo-hyang), who decides khổng lồ change her life by having plastic surgery after being bullied about her looks from an early age. After she enters college, she realizes that campus life is a lot different than what she expected, và she is forced to change her looks through plastic surgery khổng lồ her find her identity as a beautiful woman.

Awards & Nominations


Park Joo-mi was nominated in the KBS Drama Awards (2011) for the category of Excellence Awards, Actress in a Serial Drama for Believe In Love.

Did Park Joo-mi Get Plastic Surgery?

Park Joo-mi did not undergo plastic surgery, but she admitted getting botox treatments khổng lồ maintain her looks, as she revealed on one episode of the variety show, Golden Fishery – Knee Slap Guru, which aired on MBC, in April, 2013.


When the guests shared information about their skincare strategies, Park Joo-mi revealed her secrets for how she still looks so bright and youthful. The actress explained the advantage of being a celebrity is to lớn always be in frame, because of technological advancements in lighting, cosmetics products và HD powder.

The gag man, Kang Ho-dong, became the MC of the variety show & he asked whether she ever had plastic surgery or not. The actress seemed taken aback by the question, và continued to chia sẻ her secrets for anti-aging strategies; using an eye cream every time she saw wrinkles on her face & also using an anti-aging cream around the creases on her mouth and lips. Park Joo-mi added that it’s helpful khổng lồ start applying the eye cream regularly before you start to lớn get wrinkles, and it has been an important thing for her to vì chưng for the past đôi mươi years, while her skin still looked young.

It seems The MC Kang Ho-dong was not impressed by the actress’s explanation, and he asked again if she ever received any special treatments. Park Joo-mi was hesitant at first, and mumbled once again, trying to avoid answering the question. But in the end, the MC Kang Ho-dong finally asked her directly if she ever gotten Botox or anything, to lớn have such perfect skin at her age, & Park Joo-mi gave up, và admitted lớn receiving some Botox treatments.


The actress explained that she had Botox treatment after she was done filming Believe in Love in 2011, & it was her first time to lớn receive Botox treatment between her eyebrows, but the problem is that one shot of Botox in one area is not enough lớn get an outstanding result, because the balance will be off, which meant that she ended up having Botox all over her face.

Her explanation caught the guest’s attention, và MC. Kang Ho-dong couldn’t keep himself from asking her for a further explanation. The actress answered shyly, holding up two fingers to lớn signal that she has already had Botox twice. Smiling at the MC while she defended herself, she explained that the doctor told her the secret lớn looking natural is lớn inject a little bit of Botox with water, and the wrinkles will be instantly gone.


Until now, there has never been any official statement that Park Joo-mi has ever had plastic surgery except the Botox as a special treatment, which she admitted on the variety show. However, the first picture collage has shown her real beauty, even before she received Botox, & Park Joo-mi still looks like the flawless definition of Asian beauty.

Park Joo-mi’s Marriage, Husband, và Children

Park Joo-mi is a married woman with two children. She keeps her personal life private, & there are no rumors or news with regards to lớn the actress’s previous relationships, dating or ex-boyfriends.


Who Is Park Joo-mi’s Husband?

Park Joo-mi married a man named Lee Jang-won. He’s a businessman, và the eldest son of Chairman Lee Jong-taek, who graduated from the Department of Management at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and has been working at the U.S. Gwangseong HiTec, which is known as a strong, domestic, mid-size business, with 10 billion KRW in capital & 10 billion KRW in annual sales.


Park Joo-mi once appeared as a guest on MBC’s Golden Fish Market (aired in April 2013), and opened up about her life & marriage. The actress revealed that she was married in 2001, seven months after meeting her husband, và said that her husband met her through friends, and they went on a blind date. Park Joo-mi & Lee Jang-won’s beautiful relationship comes their love & trust in each other.

Who Are Park Joo-mi’s Children?

Park Joo-mi has two children. In addition lớn her role as a wife, Park Joo-mi is living a happy life raising her two sons. The children are Lee Tae-seungand Lee Hyun-seung.


A year into her marriage, Park Joo-mi became a mother for the first time, giving birth to a baby boy in 2002. It was a beautiful gift for her and her husband, khổng lồ mark the 1st year of their married life.

5 years later, Park Joo-mi gave birth to lớn her second child, another baby boy.


Park Joo-mi appeared on TvN’s 2015 Unveiled: The Stars Personalized Children’s Education Act, and the actress talked about how she managed her children’s education. Park Joo-mi và Lee Jang-won enrolled in a prestigious private elementary school for their two sons, for customized childcare. The high-end private elementary school where the two boys are entered, is known to lớn be worth more than 8 million KRW, including 1 million KRW for admission, 48 Million KRW for monthly tuition and other expenses per year.


Park Joo-mi stopped acting for 10 years, in order lớn take care of her family, returning when she appeared on MBC’s Golden Fish Market in April, 2013, to giới thiệu about her life after taking care of her children.

“I was moved by the passion of my husband, especially when my husband made sandwiches & put a ribbon on the set, each of them.” Park Joo-mi said. When the actress was asked whether she would choose to lớn work or take care of her children, she answered, “Children are more precious. There is no regret for choosing a child over work. It was because I could see my child grow up without success in the job.”

According khổng lồ the broadcast, Park Joo-mi’s sons have trắng skin & big eyes, which resemble Park Joo-mi, who always lights up the room she’s in. Her children caught the public’s attention, and they were happy khổng lồ see what Park Joo-mi’s life is lượt thích since her marriage & having her sons.

Actress Park Joo-mi Involved In A oto Accident


Park Joo-mi was involved into a oto accident, as reported on October 24th, 2012. The accident destroyed the front of her car. Many people were speculating that the passengers in the oto would be traumatized from the car accident. The passengers included Park Joo-mi, her stylist và her manager, as well as the driver of the car. Fortunately, despite the damage to the front of the front car, there was no damage lớn the rear. According khổng lồ the report from her agency, Queen Seondeok from The King’s Dream was travelling on the Ogori Highway in Gunwi County, North Gyeogsang on Tuesday night. Park Joo-mi’s vehicle, which was a van, collided into a truck weighing 25 tons.

The North Gyeongsang Provincial Police Agency released a photo showing the vehicle was damaged beyond recognition. At that time, the police said they would investigate the circumstances of the accident và the photo would be used as evidence from the accident, regarding the driver’s principle.


Park Joo-mi seemed fine when she was examined at a nearby hospital right after the accident, but when she was transported to Seoul, she complained of pain in her neck and abdomen. According to a recent broadcast from Ilgan Sports, Park Joo-mi was injured for about 4 to 5 weeks. Representatives from the hospital sent out press releases with Park Joo-mi’s updated health conditions, saying first that she was recovering at a hospital in Gangnam, southern Seoul after being moved from the intensive care unit to lớn a regular room.

The next said that after undergoing tests at the hospital, it was found that Park Joo-mi might have some internal injuries, but her seat belt also saved her life, và she needed some stability lớn regain her health, because it was the star’s priority, and the program can’t delay the filming any longer.

Park Joo-mi went for treatment, và to get an absolute rest, but she had also negotiated a possible return khổng lồ continue filming, since she had stayed in regular tương tác with the production team of the show she was in. The actress had injured her vocal cords và she had trouble speaking. The doctor warned her not khổng lồ push herself by talking too much và putting further strain on her vocal chords, since she wanted a speedy recovery, và since it could mean that Park Joo-mi wouldn’t get her normal voice back. The doctor predicted that Park Joo-mi would get her voice back if she let it fully recover for eight weeks. The show’s production team agreed that this would be the best decision for her, and they also made an effort keep the program running smoothly. Park Joo-mi’s fans were disappointed to hear the news, but wished the actress a quick recovery.

That is all the information about actress Park Joo-mi that we can nói qua with you. The actress seems very approachable, since she always looks humble, và far from any rumor, scandal, or controversy. She keeps her personal life private, & not many people know much about her in real life, except for the things she has revealed herself.

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Don’t forget to watch the drama series My ID is Gangnam Beauty to tư vấn Park Joo-mi, & let’s hope for the best for her personal life, career, & her family as well.