Yahoo Mail is a free mailing service for its users along with other thư điện tử services yahoo is also used globally. This blog will help you log in khổng lồ this service continently. Yahoo Mail service is in the world’s đứng đầu mail services. The biggest advantage of Yahoo Mail service is that it is very easy to lớn use for its users its simplicity made it among the world’s top 3.

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How to lớn login yahoo mail

Signing in to lớn yahoo mail is same on all devices as described earlier và this service is easiest to use.Just mở cửa your browser and type Then follow these steps

Enter the username you wish, email address, & the phone number you wish to xuất hiện your Type password & press next you will be logged in và taken khổng lồ inbox after a while

Now you can receive và send mails now


How khổng lồ use Yahoo Mail on smartphone phone

If you are using yahoo mail app on your android or iPhone you are signed in khổng lồ your yahoo mail unless you sign out of it the connection process is the same as on PC or game ios or apk device.

Start the yahoo mail app on your mobile. If you are not logged in yet you will see a login page tap sign in with yahoo mail Now enter your password and click next After a while, you will be logged in & taken to lớn your inbox

Can I use multiple Yahoo Mail

If you want to showroom another yahoo mail & you are already signed in khổng lồ one of your then follow these steps for multiple

After opening the app click the Y! on the đứng đầu of screen. Go khổng lồ the menu & click manage the Now tap add, in the case of iPhone, you will be asked for permission for the browser. Now repeat the same process of writing username ,mail address ,phone number, và password. You will be sent lớn the inbox. the Yahoo Mail settings

At the đứng đầu right corner, you will see the menu, scroll down & click settings and if you are using an older version you will see options instead of menu.

Change Yahoo Mail password

For making your yahoo mail tài khoản more secure you must change your password time to lớn time.for this login và follow these steps:

After logging in we go khổng lồ settings you will see this in menu at the đứng top right corner Then click “my” Now on the next page, you will go to security Enter your current password on the page displayed and click change password Now in the last step just type your new password & click continue by this kích hoạt your password is changed

Recovery emails

If you thua kém your email they r deleted or gone missing you can recover them by requesting a restore request of your mail but this could be done within 7 days of loss.

If emails are not received by recipient

Yahoo mail has the to automatically update you about your mail delivery but if this does not happen they will send you a notification of delivery failure.

Recognizing a compromised

Your yahoo mail trương mục safety is the most important khổng lồ every mail service same lượt thích that yahoo also ensures the security of your If you find any malicious khổng lồ your or if someone is trying lớn overtake your tài khoản follow these steps to kiểm tra if your is compromised.

You can get to lớn know if anyone of this has happened to your

You are not receiving any mails Spams are being sent khổng lồ your by your tài khoản You see yourself recently logged in and its off và on when you are not using your trương mục Your tài khoản username r information is changed without your attempt khổng lồ change it

If you find any of these suspicious khổng lồ your yahoo mail has been compromised bởi vì these steps to lớn secure it

Change your password at once Delete passwords of apps you don’t recognize Make sure your contents are up khổng lồ date If your mail settings were changed revert them Make sure lớn have your antivirus updated Use trương mục key r two-step verification this will địa chỉ cửa hàng an extra security layer to your

What to vì if Yahoo trang web isn’t working

Solve the issue that are becoming a hurdle in the way of your website & enjoy our service lớn its full start following these steps one by one và find out the problem khổng lồ be fixed.

Clear from your browser Update it Restart your computer now Ensure your java script enable-ness For a time being disable your antivirus or firewall settings See if your yahoo service is working on other devices Reset your browser to default settings

Hopefully following these steps would help you to get your website start working

Can I switch from Yahoo Mail to lớn Gmail?

If you are sick of spam và labels you are recommended to lớn switch your from yahoo mail to lớn Gmail but you might get that much storage for your mails but Gmail.

Would provide you with enough security, built-in apps, & a direct to lớn all your but if you don’t have such an issue of having spam yahoo is best to serve yourself.


There are several ways by which you can get yahoo mail on pc, android, and iPhone for this you only need a username and password once you are logged in you can view your mails, send and receive mails .you can also change your password if you have any security issue.

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The experts of cyber security recommend changing your password twice r thrice a year in order to save your trương mục from getting compromised by fraudulent people.