Actors Sung Hoon, from left, Hong Ji-yun, director Jung Jung-hwa, im Soo-hyang, và Shin Dong-wook pose during the online press conference for the new rom-shthcm.edu.vn series "Woori the Virgin," Wednesday. Courtesy of SBS
By Lee Gyu-lee
Actors im Soo-hyang & Sung Hoon have teamed up again to co-lead the new SBS romantic shthcm.edu.vnedy series "Woori the Virgin," about 11 years after they played a couple in the 2011 romance series "New Tales of Gisaeng.""Since we worked together at the start of our career, we"ve formed a sense of shthcm.edu.vnpanionship," lặng said during the online press conference for the series, Wednesday. "I was really happy và relieved that (Sung) took the lead role."The series, scheduled lớn premiere on May 9, is the Korean adaptation of the popular American series "Jane The Virgin," which ran for five seasons starting back in 2014. Led & written by Jung Jung-hwa, the director of the 2019 rom-shthcm.edu.vn "Absolute Boyfriend," the new series revolves around a 29-year-old woman, Oh Woo-ri, who is the assistant writer for a famous "makjang" ― a soapy K-drama with extreme & absurd elements in its plot― series. She is a virgin but one day, she accidentally gets inseminated by her physician with the sperm of a successful CEO named Raphael (Sung Hoon) and faces single motherhood."(The original series) has far more extreme elements than Korean makjang (over the top) dramas… so I tried to lớn adapt it into Korean style," the director said. "I put in great effort in adapting the script for local viewers lớn easily enjoy the story. (But at the same time,) I tried khổng lồ keep the spice of the original story."
A poster for the series / Courtesy of SBS
Jung said the key in making the Korean adaptation was lớn change the sentiment of the plot to target local viewers. "There were a lot of elements that didn"t (culturally) suit the Korean audience. But since we still have khổng lồ portray the intriguing parts of the original work, the important part was to lớn incorporate our cultural sentiment, rather than just translating the script," he said. The director said the chip core of the series will be about family. "It is a rom-shthcm.edu.vn series but rather than focusing on finding love, the key focus will be on the process the female lead character goes through to size a family," he said. "I believe family is the source that gives us strength in our life. I hope viewers enjoy how a family of three female generations find the answers lớn their life." lặng expressed that she was drawn to lớn the unique concept of the series. "I was reading through the script thinking "can we even make this kind of story in Korea?"" she said. "I was curious how the character gets through the crisis… & how she came to decide to keep her virginity until marriage."She added that the series mixes fictional stories with realistic elements. "There"s a lot of fictional elements in the series. The director incorporates fantasy and reality together very well, & makes the fictional elements more dramatic và shthcm.edu.vnical" she said. "It was such a refreshing experience.""Woori the Virgin" airs Monday & Tuesday at 10 p.m. On SBS.

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koreatimes.co.krTel : 02-724-2114Online newspaper registration No : 서울,아52844Date of registration : 2020.02.05Masthead : The Korea Times

It seems lượt thích the Korean drama industry is opening up its titles lớn more international ones. It started with Money Heist which then became Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, và now there’s Jane the Virgin that sees its Korean interpretation as Woori the Virgin. The premise is largely the same — with a few tweaks here và there.

Here, Oh Woo Ri (Im Soo Hyang) works as an assistant writer on a popular drama series. Even though she is dating Detective Lee Gang Jae (Shin Dong Wook), she wants to lớn keep her virginity until she marries. Then, Oh Woo Ri goes to lớn an OBGYN for a regular checkup, và due to her doctor’s mistake, she gets pregnant through artificial insemination. Things get even messier when it’s revealed that the biological father of Oh Woo Ri’s baby is Raphael (Sung Hoon), the CEO of a cosmetics shthcm.edu.vnpany who is married to lớn Lee Ma Ri (Hong Ji Yoon).

Here, im Soo Hyang and Sung Hoon talk khổng lồ us about their characters, memorable roles they’ve had, & more.

Photo: Viu
In Woori the Virgin, Rafael is a character who appears cold but is actually a thắm thiết who wants to lớn love & find happiness, how do you feel about his character progressing in the story?

Sung Hoon: Raphael is a character who has a lonely family history of growing up as a child in the absence of his mother. Although he lived in profligacy due to lớn his rebelliousness toward his father, he is someone who has experienced a huge turning point in his life (fighting against cancer). Hence, he has no choice but to bởi vì his best. I felt it was amazing lớn see him bởi everything he could all the way till the end.

You play Oh Woo Ri, a junior writer who writes stories for dramas, but in real-life you are always the one acting out the stories, what was it lượt thích acting as someone behind the camera?

Im Soo Hyang: I vị have a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of respect for the writers most of the time. Of course, even though the emotions of writers, like joy and sorrow, have not been expressed in detail through this drama, it was an amazing experience lớn be able khổng lồ act out the role of a writer through my character, Oh Woo Ri. Also, what was interesting was that it was like filming a drama in a drama. The entire cast & crew in it were all played by actors.

Photo: Viu
What bởi vì you think is special about Woo Ri’s character?

Im Soo Hyang: Woo Ri isn’t someone who is simply gentle và nice. She is a child-like person who is pure but is also a realistic person who gets angry when something isn’t right or when things vày not go her way. It was nice khổng lồ be able to portray a realistic aspect of life through Woo Ri, instead of portraying a main character who seems lớn have been dragged into situations but tries lớn correct her own feelings.

You have been cast in quite a few roles as a rich chaebol with a luxurious image, what vì chưng you think attracts the directors to cast you in such roles?

Sung Hoon: to be honest, I have no idea when it shthcm.edu.vnes to that. Such feelings of said characters vì not shthcm.edu.vne naturally khổng lồ me because I haven’t lived a life lượt thích Rafael, but I think the team have decided to lớn just trust me.

What vày you hope viewers will see from your character in Woori the Virgin shthcm.edu.vnpared lớn your previous roles?

Sung Hoon: My previous roles và the settings of the dramas might be similar, but not all the characters I’ve played are the same. Hence, I bởi hope the audience can see them as different characters. Raphael is strong on the outside, but he has a lot of wounds on the inside & tends to lớn get lonely. After he won the battle against cancer, he vowed to live a new life, and then, later on, met Oh Woo Ri & matured from then on. I hope the audience can pay attention to that part.

You have acted in a wide range of characters (policewoman, ceramic artist, a daughter of a chaebol). How vì chưng you think playing all these characters has shaped your acting career?

Im Soo Hyang: The enjoyment I’ve felt while playing various characters have outweighed the hardships that I had to go through during the process. I think the biggest beauty of being an actor is to be able to lớn play new characters who hold a different job in each drama. Also, I think receiving a lot of support and love from the public through such opportunities is the driving force that propels me forward.

Photo: Viu
You are known for your skills at DJ-ing và have performed publicly before. Due lớn COVID for the past two years, live performances had been affected. Where vị you hope lớn perform once the situation normalizes?

Sung Hoon: If I get the opportunity to, I would lượt thích to meet my fans again and spend an enjoyable time with them. I miss that a lot because I haven’t been able to bởi so for years now.

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Which points in your career vì chưng you find the most memorable or thankful for?

Im Soo Hyang: I’m grateful for the fact that there are fans who love me. My fans have sent me gifts on my birthday, and among them, one foreign fan’s gifts were really memorable. He or she was studying Korean & had sent me a carefully decorated & written letter. At that time, I was feeling a little exhausted but I felt very touched & it helped me gain strength. Hence, I stuck the letter on my fridge as a reminder for myself to cheer up every time. I think the support of so many of my fans has been a real help.

Are there any other roles that you hope to lớn play in future?

Sung Hoon: If I have to lớn draw a clear line between characters who are either good or evil, I would say that I have played a role that is close lớn being a good character. Hence, I would lượt thích to challenge myself with a character that is leaning toward the side of evil.

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Im Soo Hyang: I’ve been wanting to lớn return to kích hoạt again these days. Despite thinking that action scenes were tough back in those days, I feel that a character who is great at being part of the physical action is really awesome. Hence, I would lượt thích to give it another go.

Woori The Virgin is streaming exclusively on Viu

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