sấm sét, tia chớp, chớp, lưỡi tầm sét, xịt trào, phạt thải lửa, sụp đổ của thiên thạch


sấm sét

Thunder :: sấm sétThundered :: ầm ầmThunderer :: thiên lôiThunderers :: thunderersThundering :: giờ đồng hồ sấmThunderous :: giông tốThunders :: sấmThundery :: giông tố
Thunder :: sấm sétThundered :: ầm ầmThunderer :: thiên lôiThunderers :: thunderersThundering :: tiếng sấmThunderous :: giông tốThunders :: sấmThundery :: giông tố
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Noun(1) a deep prolonged loud noise(2) a booming or crashing noise caused by air expanding along the path of a bolt of lightning(3) street names for heroinVerb(1) move fast, noisily, & heavily(2) utter words loudly and forcefully(3) be the case that thunder is being heard(4) to make or produce a loud noise
(1) So, as the righteous thunder
continues lớn rumble from American leaders, the issue of weapons inspections is habitually skewed.(2) Near the fall, our voices are lost in its thunder , blown away by the cool wind it makes.(3) Is he deaf lớn the unceasing thunder of millions upon millions of voices in the streets of the world declaring peace on war?(4) When you hear it thunder , don"t run under a tree.(5) We hear thunder because lightning heats the air to more than 43,000 degrees, causing the air lớn quickly expand.(6) Count the seconds between the lightning và the thunder , each second represents 300 m distance from the thunderstorm.(7) It is an astonishing sound: not so much the roar of dirty thunder as the luminous thrum of precision engineering yielding lớn the control of an expert driver.(8) A faint, high pitched whine grew and began to lớn pulse through the ship, a counterpoint to the deeper thunder of the turbines.(9) Begin your turnaround when you hear thunder (which means lightning is one lớn ten miles away).(10) Lightning finally flashed and seconds after thunder boomed.(11) There were hailstones, rarely heard loud thunder , lightning, strong gusty winds và sheets of rain.(12) His mother"s voice rang out through the room like cracking thunder .(13) The wind was now strong and cold, with rain, hail & an occasional flash of lightning & roll of thunder .(14) there was a crash of thunder(15) The thunder of the drums rang out around Newbridge town centre on Friday night, sounding the start of Bealtaine, the town s annual arts festival.(16) He lifts his horn and they all begin to thunder across the plain sounding their calls.

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Paris Saint-Germain FC 4-1 FC Dynamo KyivZlatan Ibrahimović was on target as Paris Saint-Germain FC marked their return khổng lồ the Champions League with a stylish victory.


Zlatan Ibrahimović got on the scoresheet as Paris Saint-Germain FC marked their return lớn the Champions League with an impressive victory against FC Dynamo Kyiv in Group A.

The Sweden captain opened the scoring from the penalty spot before centre-backs Thiago Silva và Alex added goals either side of the half-hour to lớn leave Dynamo reeling. Although Miguel Veloso pulled one back late on, Javier Pastore quickly restored the hosts" three-goal cushion as the Ligue 1 team flexed their muscles in a dominant all-round display.

An electric atmosphere greeted kick-off & the home players appeared similarly excited khổng lồ be back in Europe"s đứng đầu club competition after an eight-year absence, starting at a breakneck pace. Operating as a fluid front three, Jérémy Ménez, Ibrahimović & Pastore immediately posed problems. The Argentinian international was denied a third-minute goal only by Taras Mikhalik"s last-ditch challenge.

The Dynamo centre-back got his timing wrong on 17 minutes, however, tripping Ménez in the box và offering Ibrahimović the chance lớn notch his sixth goal in only his fifth appearance for Carlo Ancelotti"s side. The 30-year-old made no mistake, sending Maxym Koval the wrong way to become the first man lớn score for six clubs in the Champions League.

An Ibrahimović-inspired PSG took charge, Ménez"s crossfield pass releasing the former AC Milan striker into space, but after eliminating Yevhen Khacheridi with a brilliant dragback, his shot was saved by Koval. Dynamo"s busy goalkeeper was then quickly up to deny Pastore from the rebound.

Yuri Semin"s men were working so hard to keep the Parisians at bay in xuất hiện play they allowed their guard to lớn drop at two phối pieces. After a 29th-minute corner was only half-cleared, Blaise Matuidi"s delivery was deflected into the path of Thiago Silva và the Brazil defender marked his debut with a firm finish. The marking was similarly sloppy three minutes later when Alex got in on the act, sweeping in Clément Chantôme"s clever low corner.

Dynamo looked more solid in the second period, although by then the two-time French title winners were coasting. Pastore was unlucky to lớn see his cross-shot flash wide, yet the playmaker made amends by shooting low past Koval in added time.

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That goal came moments after Veloso"s cross had evaded everyone – including a static Salvatore Sirigu – khổng lồ give the Ukrainian team a consolation, but Semin knows his troops will need to lớn improve at home to GNK Dinamo Zagreb on 3 October, when PSG visit FC Porto.

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