Barry finally learned how and why a version of him became Savitar on The Flash Season 3 Episode 21 "Cause and Effect."

Unfortunately, despite Savitar-Barry"s explanation, Cisco"s diagrams, Julian"s two cents, & Wally"s keen questions, that explanation remains foggy.

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At this point, we"re being asked khổng lồ believe anything because Barry"s messed with time one too many times.


In a way, it makes sense. The rules of time travel might be different depending on what show we"re watching or which book we"re reading, but the basics remain the same.

Time is fragile. One change khổng lồ the timeline has long-lasting ripple effects. Barry"s certainly made his giới thiệu of changes khổng lồ things. I"ve lost track of how many earths he"s jumped khổng lồ on The Flash Season 3 alone.

So I can, & will, suspend disbelief and accept that Savitar came into existence due to Barry"s manipulations. And I"ll take it a step further và accept that he can"t kill him because he would still exist somehow.

Why not, right?


But I"m still confused as to why Savitar-Barry needs to lớn kill Iris. I assume it"s a complicated circle of cause và effect. & if I think about it for too long, my head hurts.

I don"t like when The Flash, or any other size of entertainment, makes my head hurt. I shouldn"t need a trắng board to connect the dots on how a superhero show works.

Frustration aside, I did lượt thích the underlying message of the Barry amnesia story.

Joe: I haven"t seen him this happy in a long time.Iris: Try ever. It"s the first time he hasn"t been weighed down by the tragedies of his past, you know? First time he"s actually been không tính tiền of them.Joe: You don"t want his memory restored, do you?
Iris: Dad, I can"t say that seeing him happy & light isn"t something that I have wished for him because yeah, it is.

The Barry we know and love has dealt with his fair share of pain and heartbreak. He does let it weigh him down. He feels the responsibility of his city, his friends, his family, & everything else.

Thanks to Cisco"s botched brain experiment, we watched a different Barry, one who preferred to be called "Bart" emerge. This Barry smiled more. He flirted. He had fun.

I can"t blame Iris for wanting to lớn keep him around. Not for herself, but because she loves Barry so much she wanted him to have a break from the pain. She wanted him to have a chance to lớn be happy.

But, if it lasted, who would save the city?


While Savitar losing his powers và memory were somewhat expected, it didn"t occur khổng lồ me that Wally would thua trận his, too. Và does that mean Jesse was suddenly powerless on the earth she"s protecting?

The twist left the team, particularly Iris, with a dilemma: try & get Barry back or let him be? Most of Team Flash fell in the first category, but Iris was the one who spent the most time with "Bart".

She walked him through their memories. The good ones. The ones of Barry"s nerdy high school days. She showed him their loft. Painted a picture of a life they could have without mentioning The Flash or her looming potential death.


Who wouldn"t want to focus solely on the good stuff? I think we"ve all had at least one time in our lives where we wouldn"t have minded a full reset. 

Of course it couldn"t, and shouldn"t last. We"re all made up of our experiences, the good and the bad, and Iris helped Barry recover in the end. It sucked that she had lớn literally walk him through his mother"s death to do so.

But that"s the life of Barry Allen. It"s a mixture of pain & love.

Hi, I"m Barry Allen. You can điện thoại tư vấn me Bart.


I love how much fun Grant Gustin clearly had with amnesia Barry, better known as Bart.

After playing two different versions of future Barry, both miserable, và present Barry worrying about Iris, Gustin must have relished letting loose. I"m not sure what was funnier: Bart thinking the team wanted khổng lồ steal his kidneys or his attempt to lớn explain fire in court.

Not to lớn mention his reaction khổng lồ discovering his speed. How great was it khổng lồ see Barry running for the fun of it?


I suppose, if we"re being generous, we could say there was some movement in Caitlin"s story.

She returned to help, for her own interests, and Cisco attempted khổng lồ remind her she belonged with the team. It seemed khổng lồ work. Just as Julian"s declaration of love worked as well. 

Even if Killer Frost pretended it didn"t, we glimpsed a tiny piece of Caitlin breaking through the facade once she fled the scene. That"s a good sign.

I"m still holding out hope for a Caitlin/Frost hybrid to lớn emerge. One that doesn"t have the "Killer" moniker.

The Flash mostly dropped the ball on the Savitar follow-up, but gave us a laugh-out-loud filler episode in its place.


As with the Savitar explanation, The Flash has never done a very good job of explaining exactly why Caitlyn’s Killer Frost powers automatically turn her into a completely different person. Any kind of consistent explanation or rule here would go a long way in making this storyline work. And, with glimpses of Caitlyn slipping through the Killer Frost persona in this episode, it seems increasingly likely that she might be the true key to defeating Savitar. After all, because of Barry’s temporary memory loss, Savitar doesn’t know about Killer Frost’s brief stint with Team Flash. Might it change everything?

Meanwhile, Tracy Brand was hard at work on her Savitar trap during this episode (you know, actually trying to solve the problem instead of just goofing around with memory loss). Her work is slightly interrupted by some flirting with H.R. I’m really digging the dynamic Tracy brings khổng lồ the show & the way she plays off H.R. So perfectly. (#Coffee
Lovers) S.T.A.R. Labs is getting pretty crowded with new friends, but the way its losing old friends, maybe Tracy will have a chance to lớn stick around.

She’s definitely earned her place on Team Flash,coming up with a rough kiến thiết for a speed force bazooka. The only hiccup? They need a lotof energy lớn power the thing. Lượt thích more energy than the sun. Lượt thích the kind of energy that apparently King Shark has in his possession. Wait a minute… I thought King Shark was supposed lớn be locked in some ARGUS đen site facility? Lyla is not the best at her job, huh?

So it looks like King Shark will be back next week & Team Flash will be teaming up with Snart (who… isn’t dead) khổng lồ steal the shark’s energy orb thingamajig. Like all of Team Flash’s plans, I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong…


Additional thoughts.

Is The Flash just trolling us with the Bart Allen reference? Is this the closest we’ll ever get to seeing a version of the comic book character on The Flash?

It doesn’t make any sense that Wally would đại bại his powers when Savitar lost his memory. Or, if it does, then why wouldn’t Killer Frost also lose her powers? After all, Savitar similarly summoned them in here in the first place.

Iris’ use of the memory of her comforting Barry the night his parents died was sweet, but it seemed a little much to điện thoại tư vấn it “the night they fell in love.” Maybe she was just being nostalgic, but Iris didn’t really seem to lớn be in love with Barry in Season 1 when she was dating Eddie. It was a beautiful moment, but one that didn’t necessarily need lớn be put into the context of Barry and Iris’ romantic relationship. At least for me.

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